Miroslav Sígl: US president Barack Obama arrives in country of T. G. Masaryka

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US president Barack Obama arrives in country of  T. G. Masaryka
Together with my many friends I would wish and am also firmly convinced, that our citizens, all our society will welcome on 4 April 2009 the new US president Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle to the Czech Republic and country of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk.
That is to say, into a country, whose political and social system based on modern democracy was already started to be discussed by our first president - liberator during his visits to the USA. Already then, by his side stood his progressive and socially aware wife – Mrs. Charlotte, an American citizen. Very close relations of T. G. Masaryk to the American president Woodrow Wilson are well known to us.  
Today’s president arrives in a country, that under a sensible and wise leadership of T. G. Masaryk after 1918 aspired to a humanitarian, democratic and socially fair coexistence that is also very close to him, which is proved by his speeches, actions and convictions.
I would like to believe with all my contemporaries, but also with our descendants, that this correlation and mutual alliance can contribute to the realisation of the long past effort of T.G. Masaryk about the construction of modern, democratic and socially fair united Europe.
This is an exceptionally rare occasion, when we can present this eloquent and historical act of statesmen of both associated countries as our big contribution to Europe, our nations and the world. That we are prepared to fulfill heritage of a big thinker and politician T. G. Masaryk, incorporated in his work, which are highly topical and modern thoughts in books World Revolution, Russia and Europe and New Europe.
I am, together with many Czech democrats and admirers of these Masaryk’s ideas, deeply convinced that today’s American prezident, into whose hands was put an immense trust not only of his own country, but of other continents and the whole world, will be voluntarily willing folllowing his own decision to bow to the memory of our first president, either in front of his monument at Prague Castle or by his grave in Lány, where he rests together with his wife and other members of the Masaryk family. We shall be witnesses of truly historical moments after difficult years, that our country had to go through since the times of reign of Nazi Germany and communist totalitarian regime. I was encouraged to write these lines and thoughts by an agreement of my contemporaries, friends, acquaintances and members of Masaryk society and Masaryk democratic movement, that can already act in our country under free conditions. We all wish that the American president Barack Obama gets to know our country well with its rich historical and cultural traditions, to which will constantly belong a living legacy of T. G. Masaryk.    

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