Oldrich Miksik: Sri Chinmoy nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Czech professors

Rubrika: Publicistika – Doporučení


We are living in an age of dramatic searching for a new order, one that would not allow anyone to threaten or endanger others, while permitting all nations and states to live in an atmosphere of peaceful cooperation.
Since everything is interconnected today, it is imperative that any new project, activity or decision evolves out of a thorough understanding of the complexity of this world. Only then will we be able to feel responsibility for the world that surrounds us.
This is why I have decided, together with many other professors at Charles University in Prague, to nominate Sri Chinmoy for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. His accomplishments are truly great. Throughout his life he has managed to speak to and inspire thousands of people. He has undertaken many peace initiatives and humanitarian projects which have become the basis for cooperation among nations worldwide.
Through his multifarious activities he inspires people to cultivate and develop their awareness of the responsibility for the world. Every individual should realise that besides being responsible for our family, town, and nation, we bear our part of responsibility for the entire world community.
Sri Chinmoy shows us by his own life that such responsibility should include our humble respect for the order of Nature and its secrets, tolerance, and faith in non-violent solutions to all conflicts.
I deeply appreciate all the good deeds Sri Chinmoy has done in the name of world peace in the last few decades and I am happy he carries on the good work. I believe that awarding Nobel Peace Prize to this man would be a signal highlighting the increasing importance of everyone’s responsibility for harmonious coexistence of all nations around the globe.

Prof. Oldřich Mikšík
Department of Psychology
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Charles University, Prague



Tento článek byl v Pozitivních novinách poprvé publikován 27. 09. 2007.